Many value chains today are complex, fragmented and lack transparency. It is our mission to help make them fairer and more accountable with digital inclusion.


Kumul provides multilingual data intelligence to stimulate communications and engagement right through the supply chain. 

Allow actors to express themselves easily, comfortably and at any point upstream in the value chain

Use Kumul to gain actionable insights, in real-time, on nuanced and meaningful happenings

  • Easy Access - users don't need to download anything

  • Multilingual - feedback can be sent and received in any language

  • Multi-Media - open expression in video, voice or text format to give users options

  • Sustainable - Kumul supports social and environmental projects around the world

  • Realtime - we process and send you data instantly

  • Meaningful - get information as close to the source as possible

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Not another Chatbot!

Kumul provides an omnichannel engagement software for actors upstream

Why does Kumul drive communication transparency?

  • Accessibility - no downloads, voice first, supports hundreds of languages and dialects - the aim is to break all communication barriers

  • Privacy - the communication channel can be completely anonymous or completely open, it depends on your sustainability initiative

  • Omnichannel - allow user to communicate with you in the most convenient way possible, for example a voice message if a smallholder is illiterate

  • Unique insights - receive enriched and localized data, visualised analytics and gain a better understanding of your supply chain

Capture data at all levels of the supply chain



We provide you with a unique QR code that sends a user to a personalized interface. Flexible, easy to access and can be shared both in print and digitally



A message screen appears, giving the user the ability to send video, voice or text information, in any language, at the touch of a button


We use human translation and advanced AI techniques to deliver you enriched data points, in your company's language, direct to a dashboard


Communicate with the user, reverse-translated, and fix issues in realtime, from the front-line

Engage more closely with smallholder farmers, in a way that makes it easy for them


Drive sustainability with meaningful insights

Know who is interacting with your business, how and why

  • Loyalty & Trust - Emphasising qualitative data, imagine sitting each smallholder in a room and talking to them about their wants, needs, and desires. Kumul aims to facilitate this, improving understanding, engagement and the move towards a more just supply chain.


  • Sponsor Social Causes - Kumul allows users to sponsor social and environmental projects around the world that match the Kumul Impact Code. Thus user can do good whilst expressing themselves and through your collaboration with us, so can you.

  • Validation & Corroboration - Imagine not only knowing if a user has an issue but also how and why - think of this as a frontline corroboration tool. 

  • Privacy  - data security, anonymity and privacy are taken very seriously here.

  • Stay up-to-date - use Kumul to understand supply chain actors in real-time, meaning you can prevent adverse events before they happen and improve relationships across the board.

Leverage the power of VoC (Voice of Customer) to do good

Kumul is an end-to-end customer feedback solution for the modern enterprise. We allow the user to express their voice and facilitate companies to, therefore, make better, more sustainable decisions. 


As a hybrid social enterprise; we support impactful projects as part of our DNA. This means that by partnering with us, you do your part in making the world a better place. Users and companies alike can use Kumul to do good!


Tea Pickers

Multilingual intelligence aiming to improve communications, trust and more sustainable value chains



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