Our Code of Impact

Kumul, a brand of TextUnited, is an impact-driven data intelligence tool. With every piece of data sent from a user to a company, we endeavour to support impactful projects around the world. 


We have written this Impact Code as a combined Code of Conduct and Ethics Code where we outline the values behind our project and how this is part of the DNA of the enterprise. 


Kumul, our network and team all share the following values of doing business and see this as an integral part of our enterprise model and how we behave and interact with technology and the world around us


Positive change; with every partnership, collaboration, sale and flow of data, we want to minimise waste and have the most positive effect on environmental and social systems as possible. We believe in circular design principles and strive towards a distributive, regenerative and fair way of doing business


Respect; there always needs to be baseline of respect, whether that be from person to person or otherwise


Tolerance; a more tolerant system, team and outlook make for a more just way of working and living, and ultimately allows for people to flourish. Combine tolerance with creativity and you have a pretty amazing situation


Triple bottom line; this means that our focus as an enterprise is aimed at social systems, environmental systems and financial systems; without trade off or sacrificing one for the other


Coherence; our aims, goals and strategy are designed to be implementable, scalable and clear in what they represent and work towards

In the support of impact projects, we aim to foster productive enterprise, so the projects must;


  • have clear, simpled, well-defined and credible goals 

  • have a clear reason to collaborate with Kumul, not just monetary

  • be flexible and able to adapt

  • demonstrate impact in priority themes and areas and show potential in contributing to the local economy

  • show feasibility in that impact can be delivered alongside a robust business model and clear channels of traction

  • need to be financially sustainable with a clear business case and ideally based on incoming revenue from selling products or services ie no reliance on outside donation or grant 

  • strong, visionary, committed team


If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please reach out to us at impact@kumul.co